16 May 2012

Learning to Be

Answer to sitter who felt they "did nothing" because they" fell asleep" during the circle.
"Learning to Be is a rare talent. Few find it in your world.
Those who do -  recieve renewal and rebalance and are in greater attunement and alignment with All That Is. It is a blessing - not a failure."

30 Jan 2012

Getting what you want?

Insight received yesterday while thinking about someone with a difficult life.

"Life may not give you all you want, but it will always give you all you need.
If there is resistance to this then it is possible to become embittered or angry.
However if this is recognised and accepted then great progress can be made - and changes will then take place. This is why we encourage self - awareness in all."
Something to think about there!

How to Love the unloveable?

Spirit says we must learn to love the unloveable - sound principle but how do we go about it?
Answer:  "Never hurt them.
 Help when the opportunity is given to do so.
Keep asking us for understanding of why.
 Remember - nothing is for nothing."

21 Jan 2012

Suprising meditation

We were taken through this mediation/visualisation in Circle.
Imagine you are going to a healing room. Present is a Higher being, Angel or Wise person (whatever you have faith in) See it full of medicines and potions both medical and complementary . Sit at a table and write down the part you need healing - can be physical,emotional or mental. 
Then ask that you are given the correct advice or treatments needed. The answer may come as written or spoken, a vision or just a knowing.
We had some good results from this everyone felt they were given some help.

4 Jan 2012

Good advice?

I asked my guides to tell me how my year would be.
Answer: "You will find yourself in the right place at the right time for the right reasons. Stop trying to see ahead and hold out your hand in trust!"
I'v been told!!

Spirit Answers

Last nights circle. It was decided to ask a group question.
The question? Are those who have just passed affected by our grief?
Answer: "The less knowledgable are distressed by their loved ones distress and want to let them know they are alright. They are helped to do this if possible. They are also made aware that their loved ones are being healed and comforted by higher energies.
More knowledgeable or advanced souls are at peace because they know they can bring healing and peace to their loved ones and that all will be well. That the grief will serve its purpose in awakening compassion and understanding of others-and that the parting is a brief
moment in time and that there will be a joyful reuniting eventually."
This was my answer and the other 5 sitters had something along the same lines.
We are going to ask a question every week so should be interesting.

3 Jan 2012

Healing the past?

Last nights dream.
I was talking to an old man with a beard (Guide, angel, inner wisdom?)
These words were in my head when I woke up.
"It is a waste of energy regretting the past - if you can make it up to individuals through a change of attitude, then you have started a Healing process and moved forward
If this is not possible then send Light to them or into the situation and ask that Healing may begin. Regret shows you have changed - and if this way of being is no longer part of who you are, then progress has been made and Karma negated.
Forgiving yourself is part of healing the situations of the past."