6 Mar 2009

Guidance for Developement Groups

Re Group Development - Progress and Pause

There is a time to progress and a time to pause. This is as individuals and as a group.
During times of progress there is an increase in energy, and stimulation. Changes take place in the physical and etheric bodies. Physically glandular changes happen which energises the Chakras and vice versa. A lot of psychic energy is used and without pause there can be imbalance which is felt as disharmony.
During a time of pause in developement there comes a quieting of the Chakra energies and assimilation and evalulation of things learned preparing you for the next steps forward. Also during this time there is reharmonising of the mental emotional and spiritual bodies. Because individuals progress at a different rate imbalance can occur within the group. So one may rest while others progress - but they to will have their periods of rest. At times the whole group will rest together before restarting on a new step up.
As there are few opportunities for peace in this world - learn to enjoy the times of rest. Without them you can become depleted and over sensitive, even physically ill. So learn to accept the quiet times for they are necessary for well being and not a sign of failure or loss .

Guidance from Rabbi - channelled by Barbs

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