9 Mar 2009

Help for a confused soul

Met lady at weekend who was in a tense state because she felt she was betraying Christ by working with Spirit guides to heal.
I was able to channel my Guides to help her. They told her that all Healing comes ultimately from the Creator/God and there are many ways to express it.All those ways are acceptable if they are for a greater good. The Guide she works with is also only a channel who is helping to enhance the God Energy and pass it on. her belief in Jesus the Christ did not need to be compromised by this .
This is self evident to many - but this lady was really confused about it all. They also suggested it would help her if she attuned to the Christ Spirit/Jesus to help withthe Healing she was giving.
This says to me that a lot more background understanding is necessary to be aware of the source of healing energy.
She was also confused as to wether Jesus should be thought of as God or Man -
The Guides suggested she accepted him as both - and realised that this is true of all human souls to a lesser degree.
She was given Healing by the Group and left saying she felt lighter.


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