5 Nov 2011

Encounter with a "Pixie?"

Just had a LONG rest from this but guides have suggested getting back to it all again. So here goes!
Saw "nature spirit" while in meditation - have never entirely accepted this, so have ignored the whole thing. This made its presence felt!
He was 2 feet tall with very thin legs and long "pixi" hat with a bell on the end! And on top of all that he was sat on a toadstool!
I was incredulous! he shook my hand politely and said he had come to teach me about his people.
This is how it went - 'We are of a different dimension to the Human Race - we are neither of what you call Spirit or Physical - however we are at home in both those vibrations and can pass easily between them. We present ourselves in the Physical as we are expected to look by the observer - reacting to their thoughts or beliefs - that is why we are seen differently in diverse cultures.
We were part of the Planet long before Man came into physical being! - we prepared the Planet for you! We are thought of as playful and
mischievious - that is because we are at peace with one another - there is no conflict between us - we work in unison and do not have the mixed conditions you encounter. We do not have free will as you know it - we work in harmony with Higher forces .'
My question. - What do you look like in your own dimension?
Answer ' We are creatures of Light - balls of energy as you might view it - but we have Consciousness and intelligence'
Question - Do you have a pathway of progression as we do?
Answer ' Yes of course - all is progress - Having helped in creating the Natural world for Mankind we still have much work to do maintaining it. We work hard at present trying to repair some of the damage your race does to the Earth - we may not be able to sustain this if things continue as they are.
We are working to increase the nutrition of grains and vegetables, to help those who have little to eat to gain strength from their food. Also to intesify the medicinal essences in plants. These work to balance the human mind and emotions - and when your race has realised this and works with nature - then most bodily ills will dissapear - for this is where they start.'
I wanted to channel this information to the group - but he indicated this was not possible, saying he had no way of speaking through me.
I could not think of more questions - it all seemed enough to be going on with!
The creature bowed, kissed my hand and disappeared along with his toadstool!
I passed this on to the group - and have been left somewhat chastened by this experience!
I will be looking for confirmation of all he said.
All for now - Barbs

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