13 Nov 2011

Getting answers to awkward questions!

Rather disturbed by a book I read.
A channelling from a Medium indicated that a Suicide Bomber went straight into the Light despite causing death and injury to many.
I would have expected there to have been a time of reflection and self-examination to say the least. Not to mention regret!
The explanation (in the book) was that there had been a contract between this bomber soul and all other souls involved so there was no need for regrets because there was total understanding between them all.
The channeller even suggested that she - for such it was - had learned a lot about not handing her power to others and felt she had had a good life lesson!
This totally offended my sense of justice and fairness!
So I demanded an explanation from my Guides! This is what they said.
"On the higher level of existence this act would have been seen as such - it could be that this was an advanced Soul who had little left to learn and was teaching others - those others would have had a 'contract' at a Soul level but may not have been advanced enough to know this at this stage of existence. Their learning may be through grief, resentment, revenge, and other negative vibrations to find forgiveness. or perhaps using the experience to bring peace to other troubled souls or nations. This would be the higher learning and may take a long time for each to work through.
Some advanced Souls take on these tasks so that others will not have to take a 'negative' lifetime. This is of course only one explanation - there could be others. It is a reminder that all is not as it seems and all things have a Higher Purpose"
Question. - Would these advanced Souls always go straight into the Light without a time of reflection?"
"Yes - there is no need for this as they already have complete understanding of the Higher Purpose"
All this was news to me - but made some sort of sense.

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