24 Nov 2011

Reincarnation defended

On Sunday I happened to catch a programme that was going to discuss the belief in Reincarnation.
William Roach who is a soap star in Coronation Street and is a Druid was there to give his views along with the usual Drs, Scientists, and others.
After the usual scientific derision. "There is no scientific proof therefore it does not exist" etc, he quietly had his say.
I quote - "There is no proof of reincarnation - it is part of a personal journey towards truth. Reincarnation does not matter in itself - what matters is that we are Spiritual beings and as such we are a sum total of many parts to which we are adding constantly" Wow is all I can say to that.
He was quiet normal and very convincing.

My personal view is that it is a reasonable possibility. And I have had experiences that certainly point to 'another life' - but I remain openminded on this subject as I can see there could be other explanations.
On a cynical level I say - If it exists - I'm opting out.
All for now Barbs

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