4 Jan 2012

Spirit Answers

Last nights circle. It was decided to ask a group question.
The question? Are those who have just passed affected by our grief?
Answer: "The less knowledgable are distressed by their loved ones distress and want to let them know they are alright. They are helped to do this if possible. They are also made aware that their loved ones are being healed and comforted by higher energies.
More knowledgeable or advanced souls are at peace because they know they can bring healing and peace to their loved ones and that all will be well. That the grief will serve its purpose in awakening compassion and understanding of others-and that the parting is a brief
moment in time and that there will be a joyful reuniting eventually."
This was my answer and the other 5 sitters had something along the same lines.
We are going to ask a question every week so should be interesting.

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