1 Jan 2012

Angel visit?

Recently my neice has had an operation for cancer. While recovering at home she started to experience a lot of pain around op are - her young daughter began to worry that the cancer was returning and became very distressed. Later that day while walking across a supermarket car park, she was out of money (her purse was actually empty) and was going to the cash machine - she was approached by an elderly lady who she thought might be a gypsy by her appearance. The lady stopped her and said "You can dry your tears, your Mother will be OK there will be two more visits to the hospital and she will be declared fit" She had neither seen or spoken to this lady before and was quite shaken. She said she would like to give her something in return but knew her purse was empty the lady said "You will find £2 in your purse - this will show you that I speak the truth" She looked in her purse and sure enough there was the money. She was going to hand it over - but when she looked up the lady was gone! She rang me the same day and kept saying " I didn't make it up I know it happened" I told her I believed that Angels can help like this and she should stop worrying.
This happened a couple of weeks before Christmas and her Mother has since had a hospital visit and scan and it is clear - the pain is more or less gone and they want her to go back once more for a final check-up . Just as the lady said! I think this is a wonderful thing to have happened.
Incidentally I have been given a book on Angel Visitations for Christmas!! I like to think this is confirmation.

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